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We are re-opening on 1st June.  See our COVID-19 page for the latest updates.


We offer a professional Dog Grooming service, in our purpose built Salon in Draycott in the Moors, for all your precious Dogs needs.  We work to a strict code of ethics and provide a safe, calm, grooming service.


Our love and passion for Dogs reflects how we believe every Dog deserves to look its best.


We also try our utmost to make sure your Dog looks how you want it to look and don't impose our vision of what we think your dog should look like.


We will always make sure your Dog feels safe, comfortable and welcome them to a clean, healthy and happy environment.


Your Dog comes FIRST!


Julie is a member of the British Isles Grooming Assocation and is an International Professional Groomers' trained Certified Professional Groomer (CPG) and Certified Salon Professional (CSP).


Julie is a former nurse and is also qualified in Canine First Aid.


Wuff Kutz have Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.

Our Services

Please note, our prices are confirmed after we have concluded a consultation with the dog and owner present.  Any prices quoted over the phone / messaging are indicative only and are subject to change following first consultation. Prices are influenced by size of dog and the length/condition of the coat.

We reserve the right to charge extra for de-matting however all extra charges are subject to owners approval. 

Small dogs (Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier)

Medium dogs (Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Bedlington Terrier)

Large dogs (Standard Poodle, Golden Retriever, Labrador)

The Full Monty


Brushing / Combing

Shampoo & conditioner
Blow Dry

Trimming and Styling

Ear Cleaning
Nail Clipping
Paw Pads Clipped
Sanitary Area Clipped

Deodorising coat spray


Small Dogs - from £20

Medium Dogs - from £30

Large Dogs - from £50

Hand Stripping?

No problem.  Certain breeds need this to strip it's coat of dead hairs.  This method removes the hair, right to the root, to allow the new coat to grow.


Small Dogs - from £20

Medium Dogs - from £30

Large Dogs - from £40

Pick and Mix?

Want to tailor the services to your requirements? No problem - just let us know


Nail clipping - from £5

Sanitary Area Trim - from £5

Pads Trimmed - from £5

Collection and Return

If you are busy or just unable to bring your dog to us, don't worry, we'll pick up and deliver them back (slots subject to availability and must be pre-booked).


Collection & Return from £5 (dependent on distance)

Puppy Package

A Special groom just for puppies - designed to get them used to being groomed and allowing us to build a trusting bond with them


Bath & Brush

Nails Trimmed

Ears Cleaned

Feet and Face tidied up


From £10 per visit

Teeth Cleaning

Using the "Cleany Teeth" 100% Ultrasound toothbrush.


Naturally antibacterial ultrasound eliminates pathogenic bacteria built up on the teeth, gums, and under the gum line


1st Appointment £35 (30 minutes)

2nd appointment £35 (30 minutes)

Further maintenance session £18 (15 minutes) add on with groom

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